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HubSpot Transformation: Elevating Metrics, Content, and Workflows

Oh, where do we start… Howl Marketing reimagined our HubSpot workflows, Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, content strategy, data hygiene and so much more. The Howl team bring a thoughtful and authentic approach to digital marketing that hinges on their drive for perfection. We weren’t capturing the right information in forms on our site, weren’t inputting proper data into HubSpot and weren’t reporting on our metrics properly. We’ve seen a massive shift in momentum from a marketing perspective. Howl re-jiggered our HubSpot instance, created reports that we didn’t know were possible and introduced a working style that we now use internally at KUNGFU.AI. Howl made it possible for us to maximize our LinkedIn and Google Ad spend with a thoughtful approach and even wrote content for us when they saw an opportunity. We’re now a metric driven marketing team because of Howl’s attention to detail. We’ve seen an increase in inquiries, marketing qualified leads and deals because of the work Howl did. Partnering with Howl allowed me to be a better marketer and has enabled me personally to grow in my role here at KUNGFU.AI.

Connor Bibby

Exceptional Digital Marketing Strategies

“I had the pleasure of partnering with them on strategic digital marketing solutions for over two years. Incredibly adaptive and innovative in an ever-changing digital landscape. An exceptional performance marketer that’s wonderful to work with!”
Jenna K.

Seamless HubSpot Setup

“I hired Howl Marketing to help my company set up our HubSpot/CRM as well as design a few email marketing pieces within HubSpot. My experience with Howl was great. Working with Desiree was easy. She was available for Q&A before, during, and after project completion.”

Aron Lenkowsky
BDL Products

Digital Marketing + UX Design!

“You are passionate, creative, and full of life! Your energy is contagious and I always enjoy our meetings because afterwards I feel uplifted and ready to work. You are committed to excellent customer service and have your clients’ best interest at heart.”
Larry R.
NMZ Tampa

Empowering Excellence: HubSpot Mastery

“I had the privilege of learning from and partnering with Desiree for six months. She was an invaluable asset to our marketing team both in coaching us and in creating assets, campaigns, strategic planning, and loads of HubSpot assets. Among her best strengths are: 1) Excellent ability to distill complex projects down to easy-to-understand steps for beginners. So, she teaches you to fish and doesn’t just fish for you. 2) She is a HubSpot extraordinaire! She knows the platform backwards, forwards, up and down. And she’s happy to share her pro tips and tricks to elevate the skills of the team. 3) She is funny! It’s great to work with smart people, but it’s awesome to work with smart people who are funny and delightful to be around — Desiree is just that!! 3) Her organizational skills are on point. She didn’t miss a single deadline and, in fact, submitted more deliverables than requested and ahead of schedule on many tasks and projects. I’m chomping at the bit to work with her again!”

Lyndsey M.

“Desiree blew me away when she joined our first call to begin implementing her company’s instance of our Marketing Hub. She had done her research, read blogs, pulled in ideas and even built out workflows on the whiteboard behind her (which she showed me on our call). Her passion, creativity, and hard-working attitude made it a true pleasure to work with her on Drone Nerds marketing efforts. I looked forward to our weekly calls and all the ideas we came up with and put into place. She is a star HubSpot customer and even was able to teach this HubSpotter a few tricks. Drone Nerds is very lucky to have her on the team!”

Britney Talty
“I always tell people, “I have good partners and I have bad partners.” Good partners are organized, thorough, quick to respond, and are even quicker to learn. Desiree has been a great partner! She adapted to our process very quickly and always seemed on top of things on her end, even when we were both pressed for time. She would be an excellent partner to anyone in need. I highly recommend.”
Austin (Auzzy) Jensen
“Desiree is an amazing person, her work ethics and personal integrity are unmatched. We have worked together on several projects and she has always completed all projects on time and in perfect order. She is the consummate professional, an absolute joy to work with, and a strong team leader that always has a smile or good word in the midst of a timeline. I would recommend Desiree to manage or direct any marketing, fund raising, or corporate branding project in the future You will be impressed with her professionalism, and “can do” attitude.”
Christopher Bergmann
“I hired Howl Marketing to help with my online store. We had sales at the time but we were not profitable. Our conversion rate was low and our ad spend was too high. Desiree and her team completely revamped my website, making it a more friendly customer experience along with fixing our ad campaigns and a number of other action items. This year, my sales are up 823%, store sessions are up 430% and my conversion rate is up 103%!! These numbers speak for themselves. Hiring Howl Marketing didn’t feel like I was hiring just another marketing company. It truly felt like I hired family. When you hire Howl Marketing, you’re not only getting passion and creativity but also, results. I can’t recommend them enough!”
Steven Barnett
“You are passionate, creative, and full of life! Your energy is contagious and I always enjoy our meetings because afterwards I feel uplifted and ready to work. You are committed to excellent customer service and have your clients’ best interest at heart. You are responsive and responsible! It is always heartwarming to see a fellow woman-owned business thrive.”
koontz & Parkin
“Desiree is a rare breed. She’s got a sharp mind and a soft heart. She’s tough as nails and the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She works harder than anyone but always has time for everyone. There’s nothing better than jumping on a call to see her smiling face, then watching as she takes command of the meeting and runs through a strategy like a boss. She’s everything I want in a teammate and a constant source of inspiration.”
Bob McCarthy
“We are a small business who is not familiar with Hubspot and ran into issues in the email integration with Yahoo Small Business emails. We tried locally and failed. We tried two UpWork freelancers and failed. We were close to deciding to give up when Howl showed up. The Founder is very responsive, very responsible, and very effective. She resolved the issues completely. She saved us! We will definitely use their services in the future. We recommend Howl to every business that needs help on Hubspot.”
Danny Gu
“I have worked and consulted with Fortune 100 companies and top tier digital agencies across the U.S. and Howl’s Founder has a strong grasp on the concept of marketing and spearheading new and innovative efforts which is a quality that is found few and far between. It has always been and will be a pleasure to consult on projects with her in the future.”
“I wanted to take a moment out of the insanity to thank you so much for all you have done to quickly help us pivot digitally with how we reach our clients and prospects. We NEVER would have been able to do this without you two working together seamlessly. You have made us accessible to help people in a time of uncertainty. You have done so quickly and effectively. I can’t thank you enough.”
Jo Ann K.

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