Howl: Marketing You Can Feel

Founded by Desiree Whitehead, a proud black solopreneur, Howl Marketing embodies all of the qualities of its leader. Yes, we offer growth marketing, email marketing, strategy and consulting and a host of other landmark services. However, what we really do at the core of our business is help people achieve their lifelong dreams and meet their goals. We take each client personally and formulate a plan that’s tailored to their needs and budget. In a marketing ecosystem where it’s still rare to see black women at the head of a company, we serve as a reliable beacon of hope that gets the job done the right way.

Yes, we believe that having a black female business owner is something that should be recognized and celebrated. However, above all, we see it as a responsibility to motivate and inspire other black and brown women to go after what they want. That’s why we have partnered and worked closely with organizations like Black Women Talk Tech – a team of trailblazers who work tirelessly to get black and brown entrepreneurs and founders the financial backing and resources they need to succeed in the tech space. In the past two years alone, we have helped triple their revenue in three of their flagship events – opening the door for hundreds of women to take their businesses to the next level.


We must have done something well if you have made it this far. Let's talk about your problems and determine how we can support you.

Desiree also serves as a member of Hubspot’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB). Going into her third year as part of CAB, she acts as a critical part of a team that is dedicated to gender and race equality while providing ample opportunities for women of color to succeed. Being an innovator isn’t just about finding new ways to help a client achieve growth. At Howl, it also means stepping up and opening doors for women who have immense talent and vision and simply need guidance and support along the way.

We believe that we are the perfect candidate for this grant because we wholeheartedly represent everything it’s intended for.

Howl Marketing is committed pushing boundaries, changing the industry we are passionate about for the better, and opening doors for others along the way. This is the new age of marketing that matters most.