HubSpot's New Navigation Menu:
A User's Perspective

Hey there, fellow HubSpot enthusiasts! As someone who’s been navigating the digital landscape for a while now, we couldn’t help but dive into the recent updates HubSpot has rolled out. And let us tell you, it’s worth the buzz!

After checking out the insightful observations from Highbrid Media’s HubSpot Snacks newsletter, we couldn’t wait to share our own take on the new navigation menu. Sure, it might seem like a slight learning curve at first, but trust me, the enhancements it brings to the table are game-changers for our community.

New HubSpot Vertical Menu

Our exclusive glimpse at the new vertical menu, currently in Beta for all HubSpot Hubs & Tiers.

Old HubSpot Horizontal Menu

The familiar old horizontal HubSpot menu.

Let's break it down together:

Workspaces 💻: Sales tools take the spotlight here, making it super easy to access what matters most for driving conversions.

CRM 👥: With a streamlined organization, HubSpot has nailed it in connecting sales data with contacts and companies, making our workflows smoother than ever.

Marketing 📤: This section offers a straightforward layout, aligning all our marketing activities neatly under one roof.

Web Content 🌐: Say goodbye to the hassle of toggling between tabs—HubSpot has consolidated all our web development tools for seamless navigation.

Automations ⚙️: Grouping automation tools together is a genius move, making it a breeze to manage our workflows efficiently.

Reporting and Data 📝: Need to access reports or set goals? No problem! HubSpot’s got us covered with convenient access to all the insights we need.

Library 📚: Talk about a goldmine! The comprehensive resource consolidation here is a game-changer for our team’s productivity.

Templates 👍: One-click access to the template marketplace? Count me in! It’s never been easier to explore and utilize templates for our projects.

Partner Information 🤩: HubSpot knows how to cater to our unique needs as partners, providing us with the tools and resources we need to thrive.

Huge shoutout to the HubSpot team for this update! 🙌

Watch the Live Walkthrough: Howl Marketing Explores HubSpot’s Menu Makeover.

Special thanks to Juan Perez, CEO of Highbrid Media, for sparking our creativity and pushing me to explore these updates further! Don’t miss out y’all, subscribe to Highbrid’s HubSpot Snacks newsletter and stay in the loop.

Let’s embrace these changes and continue to elevate our game in the digital world. Together, we’re unstoppable!

Stay awesome Wolf Pack!