Black History Month Spotlights

Black History Month Spotlights

Spotlighting Black-Owned Businesses in honor of Black History Month

Black History Month is here! This month, we are excited to celebrate and remember important people and events in Black history. Today, tomorrow, and every day.


We must have done something well if you have made it this far. Let's talk about your problems and determine how we can support you.


Say hello to ShearShare, Inc. a black-owned business focused on empowering stylists and improving the way beauty and barbering professionals build their businesses.

We are so proud to have ShearShare, Inc. as clients and to be part of their mission to change the beauty and barbering industry.


As a black-owned business ourselves, we thought we’d start by introducing our Founder, Desiree! When Desiree graduated with her Master’s in Marketing (Florida International University #PantherPride), she had some big dreams. Back then, she was dreaming of building a business around her motto of ‘Good people, doing good marketing”.
Today, her dreams have become reality, officially forming Howl Marketing in 2019.